Thursday, August 25, 2011

the rollercoaster called life

not a very fancy shmansy name but im im just so confused. Tuesday night i went to the crawford county fair with my sister, her boyfriend, my friend, my neice, nephew, my son and my sisters friend and her kids. well i was having a really good time. alex was tired and cold so i wanted to leave but my sister wasnt ready to leave. so me,my friend and alex ate some food or whatever. we were listening to eastin corbin and luke bryan who were preforming. and it was in all honesty, the most fun ive had in a while..well i had to go to the bathroom, i know this is tmi, but i had to shit. i was like, i dont even know. but i rolled the stroller in the handicapped bathroom and tried going. i was started to get really strong cramps. i figured my period was coming and wouldnt you know it i started bleeding when i wiped. well it was just like a gush of blood, enough that i could wipe away, well i got up and i just kept getting cramps. i was in there for about 15 minutes when i had my friend come in and take my son so he wouldnt have to see me like this. well she took him and i went back to push some more. it started to feel like i was getting contractions, but i wasnt sure why. well i finally finished and tried coming out, but i collapsed. i didnt know what was happening but i just started contracting over and over. i couldnt feel blood coming out of me but i was just in pain. i couldnt breathe right, and well i got taken to the hospital in the ambulence. i didnt want to be in the hospital, i wanted to get my son home and in bed. but i went because i thought something could seriously be wrong. i didnt know what to do or say. well i had gotten into the hospital room and whatever i was trying to breathe through my pain, which was becoming dull. i got undressed and into a hospital gown, i was waiting to get checked by the doctor. then the shit went down with my sister. she didnt want to wait for me to get checked. she wanted me out now, she signed me out and that was it. i was in pain the whole ride home. i just wanted to get to bed. and once i finally did, i felt better. yesterday morning i felt completely fine. but today i feel the dull pain still there. so im not sure exactly what happened. hopefully i can find someone to get me to the doctor tomorrow morning. but if not ill have to wait til monday. i really hope i didnt have a miscarriage. i dont know. i just needed to get it out.

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