Monday, August 22, 2011

august 22nd.

Well life as a teen mommy is normal today. Alex had therapy for his torticollis, which is good. He wouldnt show her that he can stand on both feet first. I dont know its really hard to explain. There is something bigger then therapy that happened today. Around 10:45 i got a call from a number i didnt realize. I thought it might be alex's therapist because she was running late. But thankfully it wasnt, it was a lady from tim hortons. and she called for a job interview. I have been looking for a job for a long time now and I finally got a call. I might be over dramatic about it but Im really super happy. The sooner I get a job, the sooner i can get my permit and the sooner i get my permit the sooner i grow up. I feel like im being held back because i havent been able to drive at all. me and my mom have an agreement though. i need to be able to have a job to help pay for insurance on the car because it will go up if i get my permit. it really looks like my life is looking up today. This makes me extremely happen. Just last week i was drowning in my tears because danny left to go to back home and now everything is finally looking up. I just feel extremely blessed today. Ive got the perfect son, the perfect fiance and hopefully soon the perfect..well maybe not perfect but worth it job:D fingers crossed!!!!!!
i love that booger in the picture with me, by the way.

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