Friday, October 7, 2011

what the hell do you do?

I feel like complete shit, and i have for a while. Im sick of feeling like crap because I cheated. There is no way to take back time but I wish I wish I wish. I with things would have been different and yeah were still together but I cant take it. I get to feel like a peice of shit every day. Its like, he doesnt trust me to use tumblr anymore, but I dont get why, how am I supposed to? Like yeah I can understand why he wouldnt want me to go on it, yeah he doesnt trust me all the way, and thats fine, but what the hell...Im supposed to never use tumblr again? I dont want it to be that way. Granite my creative juices arent flowing and I just feel like cussing and punching things. So im supposed to dread waking up everyday because i made a mistake? Well things arent going to work that way. GOD. I just werskljgfksjfgsgljuws;ighwbw
its not fair, and yeah its not fair what i did, but I apoligized and if i could take it back i would! but there is no way too....theres nothing I can do I just wish I wasnt so upset about all of this. why am i a peice of SHIT

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